Gap, the iconic American clothing brand, announces the launch of the film ‘Mama Said,’ a celebration of motherhood in support of Every Mother Counts co-directed and starring Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler and Cast of Mama Said
Liv Tyler and Cast of Mama Said

Tyler and co-director Paola Kudacki set out to create a film that embodies the joys and optimism of motherhood, with a nod to the loving influence mothers have on their children.

“I often think of the things my grandmother and my mother have been telling me my whole life. Remembering what your ‘mama said’ as a child and growing up is very important. I often try to think of things that I can say to my children in a way that they can hear me the same way I heard my mom,” said Tyler.

Set to actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell singing “Let Your Love Flow” by the Bellamy Brothers, the film depicts the mothers enjoying intimate, candid moments with their children playing, dancing and bonding. The cast’s children are dressed in babyGap and GapKids, showcasing Gap essentials that are part of every mother’s go-to wardrobe for their children.

The ‘Mama Said’ cast includes:
• Actress Liv Tyler with son Sailor (age 2) daughter Lula (9 Months):
“I’ve always loved the Gap. Growing up in America, Gap is such a big part of your life and I thought it was such a special thing to do a project that involves the mothers, the children and Every Mother Counts,” said Tyler.
• Model Coco Rocha with daughter Ioni (age 2):
“I’ve never felt so strong and powerful as I did bringing my daughter into this world. Being a mother is by far the most rewarding and beautiful experience I’ve ever had.” Said Rocha
• Model Candice Swanepoel with son Anacãn (6 months):
“Motherhood is so different for each woman – it’s your unique journey, and I love that I’m able to share my experience as a mother in this project,” said Swanepoel.
• Actress Jurnee Smollett-Bell with son Hunter (5 months):
“When I think of ‘Mama Said’, I think of things my mama used to say to me. My mom used to try to reinforce the fact that it is important to live your truth and be authentic and don’t apologize for who you are, I look forward to passing that to my son,” said Smollett-Bell.
• Artist Ali Bird and wife, photographer Cass Bird, with son Leo (age 9) and daughter Mae (age 7):
“I love every aspect of ‘Mama Said,’ it’s exciting to be doing this as a family with Gap and Every Mother Counts to support mothers who don’t have access and need the help,” said Ali Bird.

“Motherhood unites women across all walks of life and invokes feelings of love and strength in both children and adults. It speaks to the core values of Gap as a brand,” said Craig Brommers, chief marketing officer for Gap. “We are proud of this celebration of motherhood and our partnership with Every Mother Counts, bringing support to mothers around the globe.”

Gap found a natural partner in Every Mother Counts to support mothers as part of this celebration. Every Mother Counts is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers everywhere, providing $4 million in grants since 2012 focused on improving access to essential maternity care. Gap is issuing a call to action for people to make a donation; U.S. residents can text ‘MOMS’ to 20222 to make an automatic donation of $5 and international residents can visit to donate.

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