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Heroes star and Eco-warrior princess Hayden Panettiere was up early in Saturday morning to go Christmas shopping with a group of children from the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

The 20-year-old star accompanied five girls on a shopping spree at Candie’s in San Gabriel. She gave the girls fashion tips – “Not many of them listened to me!” – and helped them choose clothes and accessories using gifts of $500.

The girls that were chosen to accompany Panettiere suffer from a range of health problems, including aneurisms, strokes, paralysis of the nerves and spine and sickle cell anemia.

The young actress is well known for her charity and environmental work. In October, 2007, Panettiere joined Australian actress Isabel Lucas and other activists in a peaceful protest in Japan, to raise awareness of the 25,000 dolphins slaughtered by the nation every year. The group narrowly avoided arrest over the incident, but succeeded in diverting international media to the abhorrent and barbaric practices used to butcher the animals. She sells her old clothes at to benefit Save The Whales Again, and recently launched an online petition to help save the whales. She was also heavily involved in voter education during the recent US election.

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