Mark Ruffalo is urging people to join him in the fight to stop the current crisis in Yemen.

Video: End the US-Saudi War on Yemen- Call 1-833-786-7927

“For the past three years, a massive crime and cover-up in Washington D.C. has perpetuated the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, engulfing the entire country of Yemen,” wrote the actor in an email via "The United States has been quietly participating in Saudi Arabia’s brutal bombing campaign over Yemen, helping Saudi warplanes select targets and refueling those jets in midair as they carry out airstrikes. This U.S.-Saudi war has pushed 8 million Yemenis to the brink of famine.

“Thankfully, Bernie Sanders has launched an unprecedented Senate effort to expose this illegal war and shut it down. By invoking the War Powers Resolution of 1973, Bernie is forcing the first Senate vote to end an unconstitutional war in U.S. history.

“Bernie has teamed up with constitutional conservative Senator Mike Lee of Utah on a bipartisan resolution. If their effort succeeds, not only can we save millions of Yemenis, we can deter Trump and all future presidents from launching unauthorized wars in the first place.

“When I think about how we can win this fight, I draw on the real-life story behind the film Spotlight, in which I played a journalist who exposes abuse and injustice that could only persist for years under cover of darkness. I believe that when the American people are presented with the facts, we will act to make our Senators stop a U.S. bombing campaign against innocent Yemenis that only serves to advance the Saudi dictatorship’s military ambitions.

“Nowhere else on earth today is there a catastrophe so profound, harming so many lives, that is so easy to resolve: we can end the bombing and let food and medicine into Yemen so that millions may live. Together, we have a historic shot to fundamentally reshape our politics to promote peace and reflect the better angels of our nature.”

Find out more about the scope of this crisis here.

Ruffalo is urging his fans to ask their Senator to vote for the Sanders-Lee resolution to end the illegal US war in Yemen. To find out more, click here.

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