With inspiration from the stars, thousands of people are joining Compassion Over Killing’s VegWeek 2018 campaign, by pledging to eat plant-based from April 16-22.

Alicia Silverstone For VegWeek 2018
Alicia Silverstone For VegWeek 2018

VegWeek is celebrated annually in April, to coincide with Earth Day (April 22) and aims to inspires pre-vegans to take the VegPledge as a fun and collective way to explore the many flavors and benefits of choosing plant-based foods, for our planet, animals, and our health.

VegWeek 2018 celebrity Endorsers include:
Alicia Silverstone, actress & author
Grey, vegan rapper
Mya, recording artist
Alexandra Paul, actor
Tia Blanco, surfer
Torre Washington, bodybuilder
Belinda Carlisle, recording artist
Lauren Toyota, founder, Hot for Food
and other stars

The power of protecting our planet through plant-based eating is clear: raising animals for food is a leading cause of environmental degradation, and we can all fight climate change with our forks. Oxford University researchers found that a global shift to vegan eating could slash food-related emissions by 70%.

Leading up to and throughout VegWeek, pledgers receive loads of discounts on vegan food, tons of free recipes, and more for a deliciously successful week. 

Our Gold Sponsors — A Well-Fed World, Follow Your Heart, The Jackfruit Company, Lady Freethinker, Miyoko’s Kitchen, Treeline Treenut Cheese, Veestro, and Vegan Essentials — are offering special deals.

“VegWeek is a fun way to show how delicious and accessible plant-based eating can be! From the moment you take the VegPledge, we’re here for you to ensure your week is a sweet and savory success,” said Jessica Carter, Compassion Over Killing’s Vegan Food & Lifestyle Coach.

For more information, please visit VegWeek.com.

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