T.J.Maxx is creating a community that encourages women to embrace their individuality – together.

Despite the fact that every woman has something that makes her special, new research shows that over half of women filter their individuality just to succeed in society. But there’s good news: 75% of women say that when they see others being true to who they are, they’re inspired to do the same. In other words, individuality isn’t a solo sport: when a woman is true to herself, it isn’t just good for her – it’s also good for the women around her.

In its second year, The Maxx You Project will host a series of workshops and an online community to connect women with one another and surround them with a ‘shecosystem’ to inspire and co-create solutions — and allow women to tap into the momentum of others to accelerate their own journeys.

The program kicks off with actress and advocate Debra Messing, who attributes her ability to embrace her own individuality, personally and professionally, to the women she’s met along the way. “I’m really lucky to have so many women in my life who live as their true, authentic selves,” said Messing. “From pursuing my career to starting a family, I’ve looked to those inspiring women as part of my own community. They didn’t get to where they are alone, and neither have I. I want to pass it on.”

This year, The Maxx You Project was inspired by insightful research the brand commissioned in partnership with Dr. Serena Chen, Professor of Psychology at UC Berkeley, who studies how identities are formed. The research didn’t only reveal how much women are holding back who they truly are, but highlighted that individuality is contagious.

“Research shows that many women celebrate individuality in others – but not in themselves,” said Dr. Chen. “When women are true to themselves, they report stronger, more satisfying relationships. They were happier (96%), more successful (87%) and less stressed (89%) when they embraced who they are as individuals.”

The Maxx You Project Workshops:

The Maxx You Project Workshops will be one-day workshops designed to inspire and support women as they learn how to embrace their individuality. Each participant will be invited to come to the workshop, which includes intimate talks from keynote speakers, networking opportunities and more.
Saturday, July 28: Los Angeles
Hosted by Maxx You Project veteran Laila Ali, World-class Athlete, TV Host, Best-selling Author, Wife & Mom
Submissions close: Sunday, July 8
Saturday, August 25: Atlanta
Hosted by Mattie James, Blogger & Influencer
Submissions close: Sunday, August 5
Thursday, September 20: New York City
Special celebrity host to be announced later this summer
Submissions close: Sunday, August 26

The Maxx You Project Group on Facebook:
As part of its mission to expand its commitment to women’s individuality through the power of community, T.J.Maxx is launching The Maxx You Project Group on Facebook, making it easy to connect, collaborate and embrace your individuality. The group will offer women a digital space that will inspire her with online resources, connections and the support she needs to embrace her individuality.

“T.J.Maxx believes in the power of individuality. No two T.J.Maxx stores are the same, just like no two women are the same, which is why we offer a selection of merchandise as unique as she is,” said Jillian Rugani, Manager of Marketing, T.J.Maxx. “We’re proud to continue our mission to help women, at every age and every life stage, embrace their individuality with The Maxx You Project.”

To apply to attend one of our workshops in Los Angeles, Atlanta or New York, and learn more about The Maxx You Project, go to www.maxxyouproject.com. Find your community with The Maxx You Project Group on Facebook.

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