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Prince Charles is set to expand the efforts of his Prince's Regeneration Trust.

According to Britain’s The Telegraph, Charles has become frustrated by the UK Government’s neglect of British heritage, and is currently looking for a “new finance director to take forward its work on the preservation and re-use of buildings deemed to be at risk of decay.”

Charles established the Trust in 2006 to oversee the preservation of buildings, monuments, structures or sites in the United Kingdom of particular beauty or historical and architectural interest, as well as to promote urban or rural regeneration in areas of social and economic deprivation.

“Charles has always been passionate about saving and regenerating our heritage which he felt was neglected even before the credit crunch, and he knows will be even more starved of resources now,” a senior courtier told The Telegraph. “Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the Trust has a lot of money to spend and Charles wants to ensure that every penny is spent wisely.”

“I am not prepared to sit back and see this great legacy of historic buildings needlessly squandered,” said Charles. “Especially as, with a little imagination, they can become real assets to their local communities, offering job opportunities and focus for local regeneration schemes.”

Source: The Telegraph

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