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Singer Clay Aiken has blogged on the UNICEF website about the effect UNICEF-inspired gifts are having on children around the world, and has urged people to help give children an education.

“Every child has a right to an education,” wrote Aiken. "Often times in emergency situations, it becomes harder than ever for children to go to school. Natural disasters and conflict often destroy schools and supplies, leaving children without a place or the tools to learn.
UNICEF works hard to make sure that children receive an education no matter what the obstacle. For just $186 you can send children in need a School-in-a-Box kit, offering an opportunity to an education that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Just think—one kit provides a temporary school for up to 80 children at a time in an emergency!”

Since becoming a UNICEF Ambassador, Clay Aiken has traveled to Banda Aceh, Indonesia and Kabul and Bamyan in Afghanistan, raising awareness and funds in support of education. In northern Uganda he witnessed the plight of children called “night commuters”, who flee the villages each night to sleep in streets and shelters in hopes of avoiding being kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army. He spent last Christmas and New Year on a UNICEF trip to Mexico.

“As you count down the twelve days this holiday season, think of these children who have nothing but hope—don’t turn your back on a child’s right to education.”

The full blog can be found here.

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