Global super stars and UNICEF supporters BTS have today – on UN International Day of Friendship – released an exclusive video that calls on young people to brighten someone’s day with kindness, as part of UNICEF’s campaign to #ENDviolence in and around schools.

Video: BTS 💜 show the power of love and kindness | UNICEF

Worldwide, some 150 million students, half of all students 13 to 15 years of age, report having experienced peer-to-peer violence in and around school.

The short video features the group singing their hit single, Answer: Love Myself, over fictional stories of children and young people facing incidents of violence, bullying and fear in and around schools. As the story unfolds, viewers see a switch in behaviour when peers start to offer friendship, support and love to those being bullied and hurt.

“Our LOVE MYSELF campaign is all about encouraging every young person to find the love from within themselves and spreading that love to others,” said BTS. “We want everyone to take part in ending violence by sharing love and kindness.”

The video is released as part of BTS and Big Hit Entertainment’s LOVE MYSELF campaign, which raised over US$ 2 million to help UNICEF #ENDviolence in and around schools. In December last year, children and young people from around the world drafted an #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto calling on governments, teachers, parents and each other, to help end violence and ensure students feel safe in and around school, including a commitment to being kind and respectful.

UNICEF is inviting children and young people to take the first step by leaving a kind note for someone, either in real life or on the internet, and sharing it for others to see.

“Children and young people have told us time and again that being treated with kindness and respect helps them to feel safe in and around school,” said UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore. “Every day students face a range of violent acts, from bullying and physical attacks to corporal punishment, sexual assault and harassment online. By being kind, children and young people can show their support for each other and brighten someone’s day. We’re grateful to BTS for their continued commitment to making sure that no child is afraid to go to school.”

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