True to its message of inclusion, the True Colors Festival (TCF) 2022 was livestreamed globally, allowing audience members to join from across the world.

Fireworks finale - Katy Perry with all artists.
Fireworks finale - Katy Perry with all artists.

With Katy Perry as special guest, the concert delivered over 2.5 hours of high-energy entertainment and emotion for two nights. Many in the audience were brought to tears, as almost 100 artists, many of whom live with a disability, took to the stage with talent, showmanship, and the message that we are all ‘One World, One Family’.

While showcasing the extraordinary talents of singers, dancers and musicians of diverse abilities, the concert also gave audiences a peek inside the everyday lives of the some of the artists, through short films interspersed with live performances. The idea was to capture the forces that unite us as humans: mundane life, determination, self-belief, love, community, joy. Included in these vignettes were inspirational messages from the artists.

Said Katy Perry, “I’m so proud to be here, to play at True Colors Festival, a celebration of inclusion and artists, first and foremost, and to watch human beings defy the odds and be their best selves. Being able to participate in something so positive and uplifting and for a really good cause, I’m so proud to be on stage with you!”

The finale saw the entire ensemble join Katy Perry to perform a high-energy version of Firework. The stage was alight with color, movement and emotion and the lyrics seemed extremely fitting when the artists all sang, “Come on let your colors burst, you’re gonna leave them all in awe, awe, awe,” it was certainly a message that resonated across the world. From the wild applause and cheers of the audience, it was clear they had all been left in awe indeed!

Proudly presented by The Nippon Foundation, the concert achieved its objective of celebrating diversity and inclusion in a way that made it possible for so many people in Japan and around the world to experience and be touched by.

Executive Producer of The Nippon Foundation and Senior Executive Producer of the concert, Ichiro Kabasawa, said, “Everyone in the audience could see these performers were chosen for their talent first and foremost, and I hope we were all inspired to overcome our own challenges and achieve our dreams as they have.”

Dr Sydney Tan, Creative & Music Director of the concert said, “I wanted this concert to open minds and hearts, so it was not just about showcasing the enormous musical talents of the performers, but sharing their unique stories.”

To know more about The Nippon Foundation, click here.

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