A remarkable evening unfolded on September 21 as The Salvation Army Southern California proudly hosted the prestigious 2023 Finding A Way Gala. Sponsored by Payden & Rygel, the event drew an array of renowned celebrities, including the likes of retired NBA star Olden Polynice, Annalynne McCord, Erica Ash, and Tisha Campbell, all rallying behind the cause.

At the heart of this grand affair was the tribute to the Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose humanitarian and philanthropist contributions were honored.

The Gala, a beacon of hope, set out to kindle inspiration among the guests, fostering their innate generosity to stand united against the pressing issue of homelessness in Los Angeles County. This transcendent gathering not only sparkled with celebrity presence but also achieved the significant milestone of raising over $750,000, fortifying The Salvation Army’s ongoing crusade against homelessness within the region.

As the City of Angels continues to face the pressing issue of homelessness, with over 75,000 individuals struggling to find shelter and stability, the Salvation Army continues to shine as a symbol of hope. Through an array of programs catering to adults, at-risk youth, veterans, and seniors, The Salvation Army facilitates transformations, with hundreds of individuals breaking free from addiction, seeking the path to recovery, and embracing sustainable living every– an embodiment of courage and transformation.

Actress and philanthropist Sarah Michelle Gellar shared her impassioned perspective on the cause, stating, “The strength of our support for this organization emanates from witnessing its profound impact on the community. Homelessness permeates every corner of Los Angeles; its pervasive presence implores each of us to rise and contribute, igniting tangible change.”

The event was punctuated with poignant videos and esteemed guests, weaving narratives of personal encounters with The Salvation Army’s life-altering influence. One stirring tale recounted the journey of a man who now spearheads The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach. Transcending a past marked by incarceration, Captain Dan Garrett scripted a tale of redemption, reverberating with the theme of giving back to society.

Garrett, who once knew the harsh realities of homelessness firsthand, voiced, “The Salvation Army extended the lifeline I needed to escape the streets…” – a powerful testament to the organization’s transformative force.

Los Angeles Metro Advisory Board Chair Andrew Jameson noted that “the success of this year’s event was a reflection of the remarkable passion for the Army’s work, coupled with a compelling honoree in Sarah Michelle Gellar. It is gratifying to know that the Gala efforts of our Board and the TSA team have brought resources that will help combat homelessness in our community.”

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Dickinson, Divisional Commander of The Salvation Army Southern California Division expressed gratitude, remarking, “The overwhelming support garnered by this year’s gala stands as a vital pillar of our overarching fundraising endeavors. The provisions, training, sustenance, and holistic resources we provide form the bedrock of our impactful strategy. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who chose to champion our cause this year.”

These vital programs rely on public support to operate effectively. For further information or to contribute to the noble cause of ending homelessness and explore more about the attendees and the highlights of this year’s event please visit www.findingawayhome.org.

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