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New Kids On The Block's Joey McIntyre is encouraging fans to donate books to needy children through his new charity, the Let’s Get This Foundation.

For every $2 donation made at a New Kids on the Block tour this summer, First Book will provide a new book to a child in need. In return for making the donation, McIntyre will give you a voucher for a free download of his latest song, Five Brothers and Million Sisters.

“For me, like a lot of others, I want to “give back”, but I either don’t know how or I don’t think it will make a difference," says McIntyre. "Part of Let’s Get This Foundation is learning how to get involved by learning from each other. As we are giving back with different endeavors or “steps”, we can learn from each other and create a forum for all kinds of “good works”- Wherever the passion lies. Passion is the key.

“Step 1 for the Let’s Get This Foundation is the summer book drive, taking place on the New Kids on the Block Full Service Summer Tour! We have been/ are picking volunteers (from thousands of e-mails) to help collect new books before each show on the tour. The fans are really pumped up to get involved. It’s inspiring to hear how much they have already done for their communities and the world.

“The statistics for lack of age appropriate reading material in low-income families is alarming. In one study, they found that in middle-income neighborhoods, there are 13 books to every child. In low-income neighborhoods, it’s 1 book to every 300 kids! We can help solve that problem!

“Like I said, I believe Let’s Get This Foundation can be a home for whatever we want to do that has a theme of giving back – big or small.”

To find out more about this initiative, check out the official website.

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