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Academy Award-winning screenwriter, director, film and television producer Dustin Lance Black will be honored at a special gala event in Hollywood this weekend.

Best known for being the screenwriter of Milk, starring Sean Penn, Dustin Lance Black will receive the honor at the New Technicolor Building Plaza at Sunset Gower Studios on Saturday, June 13, in an event that promises to feature a festive cocktail party and silent auction. Proceeds from the event will go to LifeWorks, an organization that offers mentoring opportunities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth ages 14-24.

Look To The Stars had the pleasure of talking to the writer earlier this year about the inspiration behind Milk and his charity work: "I thought there is so much of [Milk] that is inspiring to today’s generation, not just the gay and lesbian generation but also to say to all the groups of people who are very different, we can come together and when we can work together accepting each others differences, and if we fight for each others civil rights we can win all of our civil rights. That is a message I think should be out there. That not only inspires gay kids but racial and religious minorities. If a kid out there can go and see ‘Milk’ and be like “Yeah I’m really different and that’s really fabulous”, then I think we’ve done our job’."

To find out more info about Saturday’s gala – which will be attended by TR Knight – click here.

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