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Rob Lowe and his brother Chad Lowe have recently been travelling on independent missions to tackle environmental issues.

Rob Lowe testified in Washington last week to ask the American government to give tax credits to people who make their hybrid cars and trucks even more environmentally friendly.

By adding a plug-in feature, drivers of hybrids, which have both a gasoline motor and an electric one, can charge the battery pack for the electric motor at home. Rob has already converted his own Toyota Prius. ‘Like a lot of Americans, I’ve been watching as the climate changes and as we are in a war on terror where our oil addiction helps fund people that want to kill us. It’s gotten my attention," he says.

Meanwhile, Chad Lowe has been driving around the country in his own hybrid, also raising awareness about the climate crisis. The way the world is set up now, he says, “It’s hard for any of us not to be hypocrites,” but asks people to do even little things at home and to start calling their representatives demanding change.

Chad contributed Taking America’s Temperature_, one of 50 short films commissioned by the SOS campaign to screen at the Los Angeles Film Festival last month as part of Live Earth Day. The series of filmsview&newsId=20070620005426&newsLang=en were to be inspiring and provocative, highlight the problems of the climate crisis and offer solutions. Other filmmakers included Madonna, Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck.

“Just like the 150 music artists who have stepped up to play the Live Earth concerts, the world filmmaking community has answered the SOS call in a big way,” says Kevin Wall, founder of SOS and Live Earth.

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