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Pop singer Lady Gaga was in Washington DC in the weekend to take part in the National Equality March, which aimed to raise the issue of protection for gay, lesbian and transgender people across America.

“This march is a call for all people from all over the country to gather and march and be visible as one, and to speak out and demand equal rights for all lesbian, gay and transgendered citizens in all 50 states,” said the singer in a video promoting the event. “If we see ourselves as free and equal people, then we need to act as free and equal people. Now is the time to act.”

The march took place on Sunday, October 11, and ended with a rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol building.

Actress Charlize Theron also supported the march, although she was unable to attend.

“Every step of this march is another important step in moving forward to making the United States truly a country of equal rights,” she told “Just like any other civil right, everyone deserves the choice to have their love and commitment recognized through marriage.”

To find out more about the march, click here.

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