The Exotic Erotic Ball proudly announced that it has combined with legendary rap artist, Snoop Dogg, to raise much-needed funds for The Healing Circle.

Snoop Dogg will perform live at a benefit concert at the Cow Palace on Friday evening, October 26, 2007, during the hours of the Exotic Erotic Expo. The Ball’s initial $45,000 deposit for Snoop’s services was committed to The Healing Circle in a personal presentation made by Snoop on August 12,2007.

Additional funds for the Healing Circle will be raised when Snoop Dogg performs live on Friday, and then returns Saturday night at the Ball, where he will join Tera Patrick and Danny Bonaduce as judges of the Ball’s World Famous Costume Contests.

“We are excited about Snoop Dogg’s live performance and his involvement with the show,” says Ball producer Howard Mauskopf, “but we are blown away by his generosity. This is a true case of an artist doing the right thing. Snoop’s people came up with the idea for all the initial money to go to a neighborhood charity called The Healing Circle – these are mothers who have lost children to inner city violence. The Healing Circle provides support for them, as they have already suffered the worst loss a mother can suffer, and are so easily forgotten by our harsh society. We think these are the most real victims of violent crime. We also like the fact that this is a charity you don’t read about in the society pages – no fancy dinners here. Money is paid directly to those in need; we sincerely hope to change lives. Snoop is doing a wonderful thing. We’re just glad the Ball can assist.”

“Snoop knows that every move he makes is big news,” adds JT the Bigga Figga, hip hop producer and Vice President of Doggystyle Records, who is working with the Ball on Snoop’s benefit performance. “Snoop can take the easy way and give to some big popular charity with a hundred other celebrities. But that’s not what Snoop is about. Snoop is about making sure that charity is really charity, that money really goes to the communities. He is all about neighborhoods. He’s about acknowledging them, educating them and helping to fix their problems. This is his roots. Snoop will never forget his roots.”

Healing Circle Co-Founder Mattie Scott is grateful. “The primary mission of The Healing Circle Soul Support Group is to promote sharing, healing, education, and action for survivors of homicide and victims of inner city violence,” she says. “We are about unity and we are about community. To remember our lost loved ones, we must first remember and care for those who are left to continue after their loss. We are grateful to Snoop Dogg, JT, and the Exotic Erotic Ball for their financial support, and commitment to bring awareness to our cause.”

Although many festivities take place at the Exotic Erotic Ball & Expo, there has always been a serious side to the show, where serious issues are discussed, and important monies are raised. Since its inception in 1979, the Ball has donated and raised well over a million dollars for causes that favor personal freedom, equality, and the fight against censorship. The monies raised by Snoop Dogg’s performance in 2007 will be in addition to the Ball’s 8th Annual Blood Drive, its panel discussions on First Amendment Rights, and its annual arts installation – this year’s theme “Make Love, Not War.”

“The phrase ‘Make Love, Not War’ was actually coined by my late partner Louis, and it was once the rallying cry of an entire generation,” says Ball founder Perry Mann. “But I don’t think that message has ever been more timely or important than it is today. I also don’t think there is a more worthwhile cause than The Healing Circle, whose message is to love your mothers and brothers and please stop with the violence.”

“Our goal is to put the neighbor back in the hood,” concludes Healing Circle Co-Founder George Jurand.

Those interested in donating or participating in The Healing Circle are encouraged to contact one of the Co-Founders directly.

Tickets to the Snoop Dogg Benefit Performance on October 26 are $35, include access to the Exotic Erotic Expo, and are available through TicketMaster, and through Ticketholders must be 18 and over to attend.

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