Superstar Illusionist David Blaine is set to perform 3 days of magic non-stop in NYC’s Times Square to raise money for Haiti relief.

Blaine will perform tricks round-the-clock tricks near the Army recruiting station at 43rd St from 9am on Friday until Monday at noon. He is asking attendees to make a donation to the Red Cross earthquake relief fund.

“People can give me a penny or $100, whatever they want,” said Blaine.

Blaine spent 10 days performing in Haiti in 1999, and told New York’s The Daily News, “That trip changed my life.”

“When I heard about the earthquake, I couldn’t understand how it could happen to these people. I feel obliged to do what I can.”

“I hope people will help me stay awake,” said Blaine, who is also funneling donations through

“I’m not going to eat anything, but I will drink tea and juice. And, yes, I will take bathroom breaks.”

Source: NY Daily News

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