Look To The Stars is proud to present a series of pieces written by students from Arnold Schwarzenegger's After-School All-Stars.

We asked the students from Griffith Middle School in East LA what they would like to see changed about the world, and which celebrities they think would best be able to lead the way. Over the next days, we will share some of their answers with you.

Cause: Pollution, Celebrity: Selena Gomez
By Amy, age 13

I would like to change the pollution of the world’s oceans, beaches, lakes and sewers. Our animals die because of our bad habits and throwing our trash in the streets, which goes to our ocean. The factories that are close to the seas also throw dangerous liquids that go into our oceans, which end up going inside our animals, or worse: it ends up on our skin and causes skin cancer.

This is a project that we humans should be able to accomplish: stop polluting the ocean!

I would say that Selena Gomez would be up to the challenge to help stop pollution because she has already went ahead and helped the kids in Africa and the people in Haiti. She would be a big role model to all children. She would help to get people on their feet, and help clean the beaches of the world. She would be a big help to this project of ending pollution.

She would need to send messages to the people of the world and show how, indeed, we need to accomplish this project. We all need to work together as the only ones that can help the poor animals get out of their misery. She could also educate people on how some of the kids got skin cancer because of pollution, and also about some of the factories that are causing these problems.

We as a group can make a difference…but a lot of people are too lazy to get up and actively help our planet. I wish everyone would remember that we only have one life, and we should make a difference in the way we think. Our future grandkids may never see a blue whale ever in their lives.

The After-School All-Stars program strives to improve kids’ lives by nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits through programs that incorporate independent learning, academics and enrichment activities. For more information, visit AfterSchoolAllStars.org.

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