Look To The Stars is proud to present part four of a series of pieces written by students from Arnold Schwarzenegger's After-School All-Stars.

We asked the students from Griffith Middle School in East LA what they would like to see changed about the world, and which celebrities they think would best be able to lead the way. Over the next days, we will share some of their answers with you.

Less Pollution and More Peace: Barack Obama
By Yulissa, age 12

To begin, I would like to see less pollution in the world. I would also like to see more policies around the world to protect innocent people. That way, the world would be clean and peaceful.

To continue, the celebrity I feel is in the best position to make that change is Barack Obama because he is the president. Barack Obama could create/change rules when talking to the congress. For example, President Obama can locate more policies around schools, and announce to people that recycling is very important in order to keep the earth green and clean.

Further on, President Obama could also make more commercials about vandalism, so people could stop vandalizing. When also creating commercials about less pollution, he could announce to people to stop using acid products, gasoline, and to begin picking up trash! Something else people could do is begin to cultivate their own food, so it won’t come with bacteria or viruses.

Finally, the President could restrict companies, so that they won’t sell products that can contaminate the world and air. For example: some hair sprays and bug poison.

To stop vandalism, President Obama could give more jobs or options to people, so they will be distracted from vandalizing. Then there will be less people in jail!!

In conclusion, the changes I would like to see in the world are less pollution, and more protection from vandalism (more peace). I think that President Barack Obama is the ideal person that could make these changes.

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