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Teen star Demi Lovato used Twitter to appeal to fans to urge their parents to take part in the 2010 US census this week, joining Eva Longoria in encouraging participation.

“A lot of you may not understand why I believe it’s important that the youth of today is informed about the 2010 census,” Lovato wrote. "The census isn’t something only adults should pay attention to. The significance of the information that’s counted and used to fund more schools, hospitals, the environment and many other important things for our community. The things we fill out on this census today will effect us for the next 10 YEARS… that’s a long time people!!!

“Even if YOU aren’t the one filling out the census, you could be the person in your household that makes your parents, and many other people aware of how serious this is and could possibly make a huge difference for your community. The great thing about this census is only good can come from it… so why not fill it out? Our generation can impact the future.. Because ultimately, our generation IS the future.”

Earlier in the week, Eva Longoria recorded a PSA to encourage fans to take part.

“Our participation in the 2010 census determines how funds will be used to support pre-schools, educational programs and build new schools.

“It will also support maternal and child healthcare as well as improve our highways, bridges and roads. Your participation in the census will help create job training programs and help improve emerging and disaster recovery services. The 2010 census – it’s easy, it’s important and it’s safe.”

Watch the PSA here.

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