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Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba, Steven Gerrard and Cesc Fabregas are just a few of the 40 Premier League stars who have drawn-self portraits to be auctioned off in a leather bound book for the music charity Nordoff Robbins.

The leather-bound book will be auctioned on Monday in aid of the charity Nordoff Robbins, which delivers music therapy services. The book was assembled by Premier League World – a Premier League show broadcast to fans in 211 territories across the globe.

Other football personalities featured include Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen, Carlo Ancelotti, Robin van Persie, Carlos Tevez and Harry Redknapp.

Professional graphologist Emma Bache, who was asked to interpret the drawings by the Premier League, had the following insights:

  • Wayne Rooney’s: “His art might not be something he’s well known for but the way he’s done his face is Picasso-esque. Looking at his picture, it has a very large head and prominent eyes and mouth. Interestingly, he has used a blue pen for his eyes and a red pen for his mouth, the latter suggesting a sensuality.”
  • Steven Gerrard’s: “This is quite a big figure with a disproportionately long neck, it’s almost as if he wants to peer over a wall, he wants to see what’s going on all the time and he’s very much an observer and a larger than life character.”
  • Giggs: Is "someone who wants to get on with things and is not interested in the past.
  • Walcott “knows where he is going and is determined to get to the top” and Drogba is “honest, open and smiling” with “nothing to hide”.

The invitation-only auction will be held in central London on Monday. Online bids can be placed at

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