Academy Award winning actor, long-time supporter of disaster relief, and co-founder of Plan!t Now Morgan Freeman is encouraging residents at risk for hurricanes to start preparing now for hurricane season. Today, The Great Hurricane Blowout launched Ready, Set, PLAN!T, the first of several steps that, when completed, will leave residents ready for the risks hurricane season can bring.

A longtime supporter of coastal communities, Morgan Freeman is one of the Blowout campaign’s celebrity spokespeople.

“Hurricanes have the power to destroy, but we have the power to prepare,” he says. “The Great Hurricane Blowout will provide your family with the tools to be ready in the face of an emergency.”

The website ( is one piece of a layered social media campaign that combines tools like Facebook and Twitter with other forms of community outreach events like “Dine in the Dark.” The website launch includes the unveiling of Ready, Set PLAN!T, a tool to help families create their own hurricane plan.

“The first step in being prepared for hurricanes is to make sure your family is taken care of,” said Leslie Chapman-Henderson, FLASH President/CEO. “Your evacuation routes, a list of important phone numbers, information about your insurance coverage; all of these things and more should be included in your plan. The Blowout will help you pull this all together to customize a plan that meets your family’s needs.”

Through the family planning tool, powered by ReadyTown, residents will be able to answer a few questions about their family to create a fully customized plan in just minutes. Additional tools, also available at, will allow a family to create a storm kit as well as find many articles on hurricane preparedness.

“Weather experts predict the 2010 season to be especially active, and we have already seen early, formidable rains in Haiti. Now more than ever it is crucial to share preparedness information and tools with coastal communities. This campaign allows us to do that by harnessing the powers of science, social media and star appeal through our celebrity spokespeople,” said PLAN!T NOW President Donna Lee.

Residents at risk for hurricanes or severe weather are encouraged to “Join the Blowout” and visit for helpful updates, tools, resources and surprises that will walk them through the preparedness process.

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