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Sean Penn missed the screening of his latest film – Fair Game – at Cannes yesterday so he could testify at a US Senate committee about the ongoing lack of staff and medical supplies in Haiti.

“In many cases, the bureaucracy of international aid is protecting people to death,” he said. “I come here today in the hope that we will address with bold clarity the razor’s edge upon which Haiti lies.”

The J/P Haitian Relief Organization (JP HRO) was set up by Sean Penn to save lives and bring relief to the Haitian people quickly and effectively. The organization was built to support the needs of hospitals, government, religious and community organizations, and works in tandem with U.S. government organizations and other charitable and non-governmental organizations. JP HRO currently employs nearly 100 Haitians including translators, security, drivers, doctors, nurses.

Penn told the Senate committee that several hospitals in Haiti have already been closed, and that healthcare in the struggling country needs “immediate attention.” He fears emergency services will not be able to cope with the upcoming hurricane season.

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