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Jamie Lee Curtis and husband Christopher Guest have stood up for animal rights after their daughter alerted them to a video showing abuse at Conklin’s dairy farm in Ohio.

“She was overcome with grief that human beings could inflict such cruelty and unconscious hatred at the most benign of creatures and their infants,” wrote the couple in The Huffington Post. "The shocking images were too much for her father and me but we watched enough to know where it led.

“We challenge you to have the courage, as the brave person who filmed this did, to open your doors and your hearts. Become the standard for safety and kindness and actually change — change your mental state and spend the rest of your lives, and the lives of your descendants, trying to make your farm the leader in humane, clean, loving treatment of the very animals you profit from. You have the opportunity. Certainly one more than those helpless victims of your sick, tortured abuse.”

Video footage of the abuse – which can be seen here – shows cows being beaten with metal bars and worse. The couple also urge people to sign a petition to have the farm shut down.

To read their full letter, click here.

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