Stephen Colbert has received a donation of $100,000 from Microsoft’s Bing to help clean up the Gulf oil spill.

Microsoft agreed to donate $2,500 to Colbert’s Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund, an initiative managed by the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, every time he mentioned the word “Bing” on his show – something he did 40 times.

“Fortunately there is a corporation that has offered to help me help the gulf: the website Bing,” said Colbert on his show. "OK, let me explain what happened. Bing has offered to donate $2,500 to a charity of my choice every time I say the word ‘Bing.’ By the way, Bing is a great website for doing Internet searches. I know that because I Googled it.

“So remember, whenever you hear this bing when I say Bing, and the Bing logo bings, that means Bing heard my ‘Bing’ and binged the Bing to acknowledge my ‘Bing.’ I’m going to get so much money out of these guys, I’ll be rob-bing them blind. So thank you for your generosity, you may go now … Bing.”

Colbert’s fund will be used for general relief. From it, grants will be made to nonprofits that work directly to help the people and wildlife affected by this oil spill.

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