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Jason Mraz spent five days in Ghana last week with Free The Slaves, a charity involved in putting an end to worldwide slavery.

Mraz spent his time in the country traveling rescue shelters for slaves – as well as Challenging Heights, a school in Winneba founded by a former child slave, where many students are former slaves.

Founded by Jolene Smith and Peggy Callahan, the organization liberates slaves around the world and helps them rebuild their lives and researches real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever. The charity uses world class research and compelling stories from the frontlines of slavery to convince the powerful and the powerless that slavery can be a thing of the past.

According to the charity: “We don’t waste time debating which kind of slavery is worse — brick kilns or carpet looms, sex or domestic, new or old — it’s all horrible. Slavery is a dark slash across the heart of all humanity. We believe there are no easy answers to eradicating slavery. But there are answers from the people who are enslaved and those helping them to freedom. There is no single path to liberation – the paths are many – we will tread them all before our job is done.”

The singer is the first celebrity to visit a country on behalf of the organization and see its work in the field.

“The movement to end slavery really needs more voices, but they really need to be authentic voices, people who really do care about an issue,” said Peggy Callahan. “And Jason’s one of those people, and he’s willing to take the time to find out.”

Find out more about the charity here.

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