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Prince Harry played with “superdogs” on July 16 at Canine Partners, a charity in Heyshott, where dogs hold much more weight than commodities and can do more than simply “Fetch.”

The British charity, founded in 1990 and devoted to helping the 1.2 million people in the UK who use wheelchairs, trains dogs that are able to perform everyday human-like tricks, including but not limited to pressing buttons and switches, doing laundry, and using ATM machines.

After touring the facilities, Prince Harry played with puppies and even ended up as a part of an experiment as demonstration dog Doyle pulled off the gloves Prince Harry was wearing to put them in the laundry.

Prince Harry also met some participants of Canine Partners who were on a two-week residential course that aims to build stronger relationships between the participant and his/her canine partner.

After a motorbike accident which left him in a wheelchair, Stephen Brookes from Fareham decided to give Canine Partners a chance. Formerly in the Royal Navy as Petty Officer, Brookes now has a new comrade in hand, his canine friend, Major.

“I’ve got my independence back, now I can go out to the shops without my wife or carer,” said Brookes to The Press Association. “Major will pick up items for me then he will take my wallet out of my bag give it to the cashier then put it back in my bag.”

Prince Harry’s visit was a highlight of Canine Partner’s 20th anniversary year and left the organization in the spotlight while Prince Harry gained awareness on how a household pet could make such a huge impact on a disabled individual.

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