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Actress Kristen Bell has launched a charity initiative that supports The Humane Society on an up-and-coming social networking fundraising site for youth.

The charity initiative project, called the “Special Needs” project, aims to rescue cats and dogs from extreme situations.

Kristen Bell started working with Special Needs animals five years ago. She was inspired to work for them following an experience while volunteering at the Helen Woodward Center, an animal shelter in California. At Woodward, Bell met a dog named Sadie. Sadie was in serious condition, missing most of her teeth and requiring ear surgery to reroute her ear canal to the side of her neck. Since meeting Sadie, Kristen made a vow to save animals like Sadie from harsh conditions and disasters.

The project, which supports The Human Society, does not operate shelters. However, the project is connected to a network of shelters and assists in finding shelter for animals rescued from severe conditions, like Sadie.

“I’m obsessed with Special Needs animals,” says Kristen. "Why? Because they’re perfectly imperfect….gloriously beautiful…and because they’re the voiceless ones who need our help more than anyone.

“Please support me and Sadie by donating to The Humane Society of the United States – and also joining our team to help us fundraise and get the word out. Remember… even the smallest donation helps cats and dogs (like Sadie).”

Bell has launched the initiative on Crowdrise., which was initiated by actor Edward Norton earlier this year, is an online social network that promotes fundraisers among youth. The site has over 2,000 fans on Facebook and about 14,000 on Twitter. Some other notable supporters of the site include Will Ferrell and Jonah Hill.

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