For over twenty five years, Dwight Maddox has created incredible custom made guitars for members of Blind Melon, L7, FREEKBASS, R.L. Burnside, Zac Brown Band, Train and 3 Doors Down just to name a few.

He is now starting a new project with Ray Scheuring, Bret Michaels' bass player. Each guitar is made from raw cut wood, hand picked by Dwight, and crafted with precision. He consults with each artist about what they want their guitar to look like, and pays attention to every detail requested. Several artists have commented on how their guitar is more than just a guitar, it’s a piece of art.

Dwight Maddox is a man of many talents. Not only has he been making exquisite handmade custom guitars, he has embarked upon something that could help thousands of youths get food, shelter, and medical attention. Dwight is taking the scrap wood from each of the guitars he creates to make one of a kind hand made ink pens. Each pen set that is made comes with a certificate signed by Dwight, and the artist he’s made the guitar for. Each item sold will benefit the Better Life Foundation.

The Better Life Foundation was started by the band 3 Doors Down seven years ago, and has been benefiting hospitals and other organizations to help children in the Gulf Coast area. The mission of The Better Life Foundation is all encompassing, to make positive changes in the lives of children, whether that be food, shelter or medical assistance to name a few. Each and every year the foundation works to raise funds to donate to various organizations and hospitals they believe will help them further this cause. Each guitar that Dwight makes can yield up to two hundred pens, all hand made to benefit this amazing cause.

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