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Legendary singer Sting recently met with ‘The Cove’ star Rick O’Barry and revealed his thoughts on the complex issue of dolphin fishing in Japan.

Below is a partial transcript of Sting’s eloquent thoughts on the some very complex issue:

“It has a point of view {The Cove}…and it’s a point of view I’m sympathetic to…it’s a very, very complex issue, particularly in a country like Japan, with tradition and fishing communities…but the dolphin is at the top of the food chain so he’s eating mercury at levels that aren’t safe for human beings so I don’t think there’s any argument about that-we should not be eating dolphins.”

“You can’t re-separate any of the issues that we face as a species from one another, you can’t separate human right from the ecology, from the way we treat other species, from our politics. We are in crisis in every field of human activity…we have this amazing crisis. My feeling about that is optimistic. I think we only ever evolve as a species when we’re in crisis and we do that by negotiation, by talk…and we get to the next level of consciousness, so all of these problems-human rights problems, the ecology problem-its about consciousness, waking people up to what we’re doing to each other, to the planet, to our fellow species on the planet”.

“You can’t separate the way we treat animals from the way we treat each other.”

Click here to watch the full video.


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