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Snoop Dogg is taking his Snoop Youth Football League to Chicago.

The league was established in California in 2004 to keep kids active while helping them learn team building and leadership. And now, following the murder of a local Chicago honor student by a gang, Snoop is adding eight teams of young players to a Chicago division to try to stop street violence in the city.

“This is a great day for the youth of the city of Chicago,” says Tonja Styles, who will head the Chicago League. "They deserve a real chance. And it’s a great day for hip-hop.

“When the Derrion Albert tragedy shocked the world and embarrassed this city, the hip-hop artists were the first to respond… because they come from the same conditions and challenges these kids are facing.

“But it was Snoop who had a ‘real’ program that offers a ‘real’ alternative to the streets. We can’t continue to say, ‘Stop the Violence,’ and not offer something in its place.”

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