The Cancer Research Institute will once again host the “Through the Kitchen Dinner,” a culinary experience that invites guests to don chef’s aprons and walk through the kitchen of the renowned Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City to choose from among the many gourmet delights prepared by the Four Seasons chefs.

Guests will include Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Tony Bennett and many more.

As in past years, famed event designer DeJuan Stroud has planned a décor tour-de-force to rival his previous creations for this must-attend event. Last year’s “Things That Make NYC Great” dinner featured sumptuously decked tables—and a replica Statue of Liberty floating in the central pool—celebrating all the best in NYC fashion, art, sports, culture, and society. This year’s event promises to be another stunning evening as NYC society assembles to raise money to support the Irvington Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship Program of the Cancer Research Institute – the Institute’s longest-standing grant initiative. This program provides critical support for young immunologists and tumor immunologists at top universities and research centers around the world. Since it was established in 1971, the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program has funded nearly 1,000 promising young investigators and has played an important role in advancing the Institute’s driving mission to conquer cancer through the understanding and application of tumor immunology and immunotherapy.

The Cancer Research Institute (CRI), established in 1953, is the world’s only nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to transforming cancer patient care by advancing scientific efforts that are leading to new and effective immune system-based strategies to treat, control, and prevent cancer. Guided by a world-renowned Scientific Advisory Council that includes four Nobel laureates and twenty-nine members of the National Academy of Sciences, CRI supports research conducted by immunologists and tumor immunologists at leading medical centers and universities across the globe, and has contributed to many of the key scientific advances that demonstrate the potential for immunotherapy to change the face of cancer treatment.

The event takes place on April 17 at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. Find more info here.

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