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Australian actors Cate Blanchett and Michael Caton have opened a can of worms in their homeland after filming a PSA urging Australians to back a tax on carbon to combat climate change.

Cate Blanchett in Climate Change PSA
Cate Blanchett in Climate Change PSA

The PSA has been paid for by environmental groups, but opposition political parties say that the ideas are “out of touch” with ordinary Australians, quoting a new poll that shows 48% of voters are against the new tax.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomes the PSA, and launched her own campaign in Sydney on Monday to help one million women reduce their own carbon footprints by a tonne each.

“Now Cate Blanchett has had her voice heard on climate change, that’s appropriate, just as it’s appropriate for one million women to have their voices heard through the One Million Women campaign,” she said.

“What if we say yes to making big companies pay when they pollute our sky,” says Michael Caton. “We’d be saying yes to less carbon pollution. Because yes is what makes this country great.”

You can watch the PSA here.

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