Tennis champion Roger Federer has launched a $3.3 million initiative to build schools in Malawi through his Roger Federer Foundation.

In association with Action Aid International Malawi, the tennis legend has launched a ten-year initiative to support early childhood education. The aim is to sustainably improve the quality of care and education in 80 Community Based Childcare Centers (“CBCCs”) and thus facilitate school entry for around 54,000 children between 4 and 6 years of age. The CBCCs will be gradually supported with the following measures:

  • 800 early childhood educators are trained and coached in order to learn how to encourage, nourish and educate children
  • Members of the communal CBCC-committees are trained in order to improve their executive skills and represent their interests towards the government
  • Particular attention is given to the parents. They are to be sensitised for early childhood encouragement and integrated into all measures taken
  • 80 CBCCs will offer a child friendly, clean and safe infrastructure. All constructional measures will be carried out by the communities themselves
  • The CBCCs will be supported and motivated to generate income through further activities in order to ensure the upkeep of the CBCCs
  • The CBCCs are shown how to improve their networks and their coordination. In particular, the exchange with schools will be institutionalised

AAIM is a non-governmental, national development organisation founded in Malawi in 1990. AAIM is based in South Africa and although a member of the international federation of over 40 national ActionAid organisations, AAIM decides and operates independently and is managed exclusively by local employees. AAIM concentrates on poverty reduction and is active within 14 districts in Malawi, having specialised in rural and remote areas in long-term programs. Among AAIM’s particular concerns are the integration of and shared responsibility with local communities. As a consulting organisation to the Malawian Government, AAIM makes the voice of this rather ostracised part of society heard in the country’s capital.

To find out more about the Roger Federer Foundation, click here.

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