In the midst of the current drought and famine in East Africa, Jack Johnson has announced his support of hunger relief efforts in the region.

A combination of failed rains and rising food prices has left over 10 million people facing a devastating food crisis and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Jack is donating a total of $30,000 to three organizations working hard to provide food, water, medicine and on-the-ground support for millions of people in the drought stricken areas.

Jack is donating $10,000 each to UNICEF, Save the Children, and the World Food Programme. These humanitarian relief organizations are responding quickly to the food crisis but are still in urgent need of funds for emergency nourishment and supplies to stop the situation from growing worse.

In honor of UNICEF’s Month of Giving, Jack is encouraging his fans to support famine relief efforts in any way they can. According to the World Food Programme, it costs only $0.50 to feed a beneficiary in the Horn of Africa for one day. All donations will make a difference and every day counts until the rains return in around 100 days.

In addition to supporting famine relief efforts in East Africa, Jack Johnson’s To The Sea World Tour collaborated with over 150 hand-chosen community groups around the globe as part of Johnson’s All At Once Community. As in 2008, Jack donated 100% of his To The Sea tour proceeds to charity.


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