Ke$ha has posted a special message for her fans, asking them to be Street Dog Defenders after witnessing a horrific case of animal abuse.

“When I joined forces with Humane Society International to become their first Global Ambassador, it was because I’m committed to helping HSI protect animals around the world. There is so much need! And when it comes to street dogs, it’s more than just another important issue to me — it’s very personal.

“Late one night not long ago, my friend and I were on an island in the South Pacific when we came across two abused dogs who literally had been super glued together. It was horrible. We managed to separate them, but with no community resources to help these dogs, no shelter to take them to, no way to take them with me, I could only watch them vanish into the streets and hope that somewhere they would find kindness.

HSI works on behalf of street dogs like these every day, everywhere. That’s why I’m asking you to support their life-changing work. Watch my video, and then join HSI’s special monthly giving program and become a Street Dog Defender today!

“As a Street Dog Defender, your gift of only $20 a month will go toward humane spay and neuter surgeries to keep the dog population down and vaccinations against rabies — a deadly virus that can kill both dogs and humans — and so much more. My friends at HSI are helping street dogs in countries like India, Bhutan, the Philippines, Haiti, and Chile.

HSI can’t be everywhere, but your monthly support makes possible HSI’s work to help more street dogs — all year long.

“Watch my video now and see why I support HSI. Then join me today as a Street Dog Defender. Together we’ll make a difference for street dogs everywhere.”

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