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French actor Gilles Marini is well known to international audiences, with roles in Sex and the City: The Movie, Brothers & Sisters and for coming second in Season 8 of Dancing With The Stars. recently talked with Gilles about charity and the causes he supports.

Gilles Marini Profile
Gilles Marini Profile

What is the criteria for choosing the charities that you so strongly support?
More than criteria, it is the way I feel about the charity. I am always very touched by a charity when they honestly give all their revenue to their cause. It is more and more becoming a business, and a celeb has to be careful by overlooking the way the charity works. In general I like to work with charities that help children, cancer and also animals.

How or why did you choose to get involved?
It is in my heart – I was doing it before and now I am glad to do it even more that I can touch many more. It is I think the best thing you can do as an actor or a celeb. Charity work is crucial!

Gilles Marini and Family
Gilles Marini and Family

What is the most annoying thing about people that don’t help? and Why?
It makes no sense. I personally do not know anyone in my entourage that does not help. One huge huge helper of many causes is Donal Logue, a mentor of mine – a fantastic human being. I am not annoyed by those people, because I don’t hang with them – but if I had a chance to have a conversation with one of them, I know I will change their mind.

What plans do you have to make an impact on society this year?
I am going to do my best to make a change to the lives of the less fortunate.

If you could create your own charity, what would it be called and who would it benefit?
Helping families that go through the hard time of having a kid with a deadly disease, like cancer, by making the life of the sick child more comfortable and less worrisome as much as possible. There is nothing worst than losing your kid. I can’t imagine what people have to go through. Maybe the name of the charity will be called: " Life "

What are some of the charities you support?
Onyx and Breezy Foundation, Beckstrand Cancer Foundation, Los Angeles Mission, Rally For Kids, Maximum Hope Foundation, and several others… thanks Gilles for taking the time to talk to us.

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