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The ‘Concert For The Children’ was staged last weekend, simultaneously in Mexico and Argentina, free to the over 300,000 expected viewers.

Packed with Latin stars including Shakira, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz, Chayanne, Diego Torres, Juanes, Maná and Miguel Bosé, the concerts’ goal was to raise funds that charity ALAS will use to help the millions of children living in poverty throughout Latin America, and where an estimated 350,000 children die from poverty every year.

“People are condemned to poverty because there are no exits or choices,” Shakira said. “And children who don’t receive an opportunity end up as adults being involved with things that they never imagined they would be doing in the first place, like drug trafficking or being recruited into criminal groups. Imagine what Latin America could achieve if we invest in developing the potential of these children.”

ALAS, founded in 2006, has been bringing artists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs together to address the social emergency, and focuses on improving nutrition, health and education for children.

32 out of 54 million children in Latin America under the age of five live in poverty.

Shakira, who performed at the Buenos Aires venue, secured $200 million in donations for the performance. Ricky Martin played at the other venue at Mexico City’s main plaza, Zócalo.

“The funny thing is that Latin America produces three times what it needs to feed its population. So, it is doable, we can really eradicate poverty,” Shakira said. “What’s very inspiring is to see Latin America for the first time in charge of its own issues.”

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