My Hope For Children Foundation announced today the launch of two new PSA’s for the charity. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Ashley Argota, Boo Boo Stewart, Johnathon Schaech, Michael Steger, Gregory Michael, and many more have come together in order to bring awareness to the plight plaguing children in the Philippines.

Video: Paris Hilton Talks About My Hope For Children

My Hope For Children (MHFC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to being the voice of hope for children. Founded in 2005, its mission is to transform the lives of poor and less fortunate kids in the Philippines by providing medical assistance and promoting wellness. As a non-profit organization, the goal is to raise awareness and generate the funds necessary to assist those who need it the most. Based in Los Angeles, California, My Hope For Children aims to convey the beauty and innocence that exists in all children all over the world.

My Hope for Children Foundation is a resource for institutions worldwide that are willing to combat a fundamental challenge facing our children. Primarily, they work by accepting financial generosity from individuals and organizations and by maximizing the effectiveness of every dollar contributed to the foundation by providing grants to aid eligible organizations to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and reach.

Their HOPE is to become the voice of HOPE for children. The foundation’s HOPE is to convey the beauty and innocence that exists in all children around the world.

“My hope for children is for children just to be children,” says founder Peter Philipp Wingsoe.

The foundation’s philosophy is that children should never have to go to bed hungry nor wake up wondering if they will find food to fill their empty stomachs. Children should never have to question if they will have a roof above their head nor worry if they will have a bed to sleep on. Children should never have to work on poverty stricken streets nor have to miss out on a proper education. They should never have to die from preventable and treatable diseases or illnesses nor should they have to fight for their life each and every day.

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