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The Homeless World Cup began in 2001 as an avenue for homeless people to change their lives through an international street soccer competition. Five years later, the annual Homeless World Cup has become an internationally recognized competition that improves the lives of many through the art of the beautiful game. Now, with the help of actor/activist Colin Farrell, the whole world can witness this amazing event in a new documentary titled ‘Kicking It.’

‘Kicking It’ follows seven players and their journey to the Cape Town 2006 Homeless World Cup. Homeless players from 48 nations were ultimately chosen to represent their country – coming from such parts of the world as war torn Afghanistan, the slums of Kenya, the drug rehab clinics of Dublin, Ireland, and the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The film, co-produced and narrated by Farrell, was directed by Emmy and Peabody award winning filmmaker Susan Koch.

The Sundance and Tribecca film festivals have both given thumbs-up to this remarkable film which exposes the struggles, hopes and determination of the players who fight for the right to be recognized as human beings, and it could very well be the most inspirational film in years.

‘Kicking It’ opens June 13 in NY, and June 27 in Los Angeles and Washington DC. For more info or to view the trailer please visit Kicking It The Film or the Homeless World Cup.

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