Woody Harrelson, two-time Academy Award-nominated actor, has taken on a new role as narrator of a thought-provoking new video produced by The Humane Society of the United States to promote its campaign to end the use of animal fur in fashion.

Known for his support of animal protection and environmental causes, Woody has lent his distinctive voice to this creative video that spares the viewer the gory realities, but leaves no one in any doubt as to the cruelties of the unnecessary fur trade.

“It’s always difficult for people to deal with images of animal cruelty head-on; no one wants to look at what really goes into the making of fur. This video is so impactful because it lets you know without having to see,” says Harrelson. “I really hope it makes fashion designers and consumers think twice about using and wearing animal fur, when so many great alternatives are available and just as stylish.”

Foxes, raccoon dogs, bobcats, and even domestic dogs and cats are among the millions of animals killed every year by the fur trade. Raccoon dogs are cage-raised in China, where live skinning has been documented. Anal electrocution is a common method of killing factory farmed foxes. Domestic dogs and cats are both intentionally killed in China and other countries, as well as maimed and killed accidently in indiscriminate fur traps in the United States.

“We are so grateful to Woody for literally voicing his support of The Humane Society of the United States’ fur-free campaign. He brings the right tone to an innovative video that is easy to watch but which leaves a lasting impression,” says Beverly Kaskey, senior director, HSUS’ Hollywood Outreach program.

The HSUS’s fur-free campaign works with designers and retailers, fashion students, and consumers to move away from animal fur. The HSUS has uncovered widespread misrepresentation of animal fur, including as “faux,” by major retailers, and worked in Congress to pass the Truth in Fur Labeling Act of 2010, requiring all animal fur to be labeled, regardless of value. A recent HSUS investigation revealed domestic dog fur being sold in New York City.

To view the video, learn more about the fur-free campaign and how to get involved, visit humanesociety.org/furfree.

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