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This is the first in a new series of columns on Look To The Stars written by actress and filmmaker Rachel Zeskind.

We are human

Rachel ZeskindSince this is the first of many articles to come, I thought that I would take this chance to introduce myself and my views on the entertainment industry’s support of local, national and global issues. Please do not mistake this in any way to be meant as fluff or shameless self-promotion – there is plenty of that smattered throughout Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and the vultures that circle it like prey. Instead I suggest this introduction so that you, as the reader, will be able to see what areas I am biased towards – since of course, no matter how partial I try to be, hopefully my soul will never refrain from leaking out onto these pages. In my soul there are many passions towards humans and the world we all share.

I have called this article ‘We Are Human’ because one of the things I truly hope to convey is the desperate need to see ourselves and the world around us – even the parts of the world that are oceans away from us – as one. In unity there is strength, solutions, peace and prosperity. We are all human, we all affect one another. The British writer George Orwell (author of Why I Write in addition to many other award winning works of political literature) made a statement that ‘nothing is causeless’. I take this one step further and say that nothing is effect-less. For every action there is a reaction, either positive or negative, whether that be large or small… and within this law of cause and effect we have a dramatic impact on the world and the humans and animals we share it with. Every simple breath you draw into your lungs, when exhaled, has impact. Now that I have waxed a bit metaphorical, let me hover a bit closer to the concrete.

If you are interested in seeing what I have worked on within the entertainment industry or to gauge if I am a valid source for you to invest five minutes of time reading my opinions, experiences and interviews, please feel free to look me up, for I have no intention to justify my existence with a laundry list of credits.

Simply put, I am an actress and filmmaker living and working in Los Angeles. I do this not because I want to be a star, get attention, or make tons of money so that I can indulge in many useless forms of bling. I do what I do because it is not optional, it is ingrained in my soul, and I am an artist. To me, being an artist (in the medium of TV and film) comes with a great responsibility. To me this is a responsibility to my artistic self, the world, and the next generation coming up after me. In my heart this responsibility is sometimes overpowering.

It is my firm belief and conviction that the arts – especially television, film and music – are (in today’s society) some of the most powerful mediums to effect change by, with, and through. With these mediums we have the ability to touch the audience, reach into their heart, and inspire hope, dreams, change, and empowerment. Also through the results (money, fame, etc.) we have the ability to use our voices and resources to call attention and action towards the issues we each feel individually compelled by. For each person within the entertainment industry these passions and causes that pull our heartstrings will be as unique as that person, as will the driving force of the ‘why’ behind it. It is my goal to introduce you, the reader, to these leaders within the entertainment industry and invite you into an intimate view of their hearts, minds, and efforts to better this world.

As promised earlier, here is a peek into mine; I feel that every human being on this planet should have the ability to meet their basic needs, the needs of their family, and the ability to achieve their dreams in a world that is a healthier, more balanced and respected place that will support the future ability for humans to achieve such needs. I feel that it is the right of nature, humans, and animals all over this world to co-exist without inflicting abuse or having abuse afflicted upon them. These are basic and simple.

Personally I support spiritual growth, unity, and community. I am a volunteer at L.A. GOAL which helps provide jobs to adults with Downs Syndrome and Autism. I have a strong heart for causes throughout Africa. My passionate feeling is that the healing of Africa, country by country, is a critical part of this world’s survival and future hope. Worldwide causes I support are aiding to heal and support people suffering from/with addiction, abuse, children’s rights issues, human trafficking, parenting/family needs, environmental issues, and health care. Education for the children of the world is also a huge factor that weighs on my heart on a daily basis.

We may all come from different places, situations and points of view. I ask you not to always agree or approve of my thoughts, opinions and actions, but instead to focus on what we can do together. The truth of the matter is that we are all connected, all deeply in need to heal and be healed, love and be loved. However, above all else we must remember that WE ARE HUMAN!

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