Look to the Stars is proud to be working with a number of great organisations in the field of charity and philanthropy:

Pause to Support a Cause

Pause to Support a Cause turns time into change. Anyone over the age of 16 can donate their time answering a few questions for market research in exchange for a donation to charity.

To learn more about how you can turn some of your time into funding for charities, visit surveyforgood.org.

Athlebrities - celebrity athletes and their charity work

Athlebrities covers the charity work of celebrity athletes, giving a heart-warming insight into the lives of the world's top sportspeople off the field.

To read more, visit athlebrities.com.

Noble Awards

The Awards celebrate the global impact of celebrity giving and the value of public visibility to encourage service for all mankind.

To learn more, visit celebritynobles.org.

Celebrity Society Magazine

Since 1970 CELEBRITY SOCIETY MAGAZINE has been a leading authority in the philanthropic community, dedicating its editorial content to promoting and encouraging good works.

To read more, visit celebritysociety.com.