Heather Graham stars as the Public Option in this funny ad, showing how she’ll force the lazy, bloated private insurance companies to get back in the game and compete. After all, competition is as American as apple pie. Featuring actor Peter Coyote as the narrator.

“Track Meet”
The Public Option: Heather Graham
Voice Over: Peter Coyote
Directed by Yaniv Raz
Written & Conceived by Andrew Boyd of Agit-Pop
Produced by Laura Dawn of MoveOn.org & Adam Pierce of Charged
Music by Daron Murphy of Gowanus Sound Initiative
Edited by Robert Mead of Company X
DP: Chadwick Davidson
Stylist: Gabrielle Swan
Production Coordinators: Adam Salazar, Daron Murphy
Casting: Mike Landry
Additional casting: Andrew Boyd
Featuring: Luke Reynolds, Tony Torn, Dudley Findlay, Chris Grace, Michael Quilan, & Andrea Rosen as the Insurance Companies, and Gilbert Cruz as the referee
PAs: Ryan Dirth, Sam Haavisto
Grip/ Electric: Dan Zimmer, Jessica Bennett, Larry Lewinn
Make up for Ms Graham: Talia Shobrook
Hair for Ms. Graham Adrien DeBarardinis
Talent Hair & Make up: Shay Zaire

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