Ubuntu Education Fund 10th Anniversary in New York City

In April 2009, Ubuntu Education Fund celebrated 10 years of helping the children of South Africa realize their potential, with special guests Kevin Bacon, Alan Cumming, Hugh Masekela and Paul Simon. Watch

Adrian Grenier, Actor and Activist

When actor Adrian Grenier joined President Clinton to launch the Clinton Foundation's Millennium Network in Los Angeles, he was inspired by the promise of Millennium Network to bring together future leaders from all over the world to address the most pressing issues of our time. Watch

Travis McCoy's Unbeaten Track Promo for FTP

Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes travelled the world with the Staying Alive Foundation, and wrote a song about his experiences upon his return. See some of what inspired the song in this video. Watch

Believe In Zero: Full Ensemble Video

UNICEF Ambassadors Lucy Liu, Mia Farrow, Alyssa Milano, Laurence Fishburne, Clay Aiken and others proclaim their belief in zero: a day when no children die from preventable causes. Visit ibelieveinzero.org to join the effort. Watch

Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow celebrate the health benefits of volunteering.

Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother, Blythe Danner, have teamed up to appear in a new PSA encouraging people to volunteer, via iparticipate.org. Watch

CGI 2009: Matt Damon Is Bringing Clean Water to India

Watch Matt Damon talk about how his commitment to action, with PepsiCo Foundation and Water.org, is helping sanitation efforts in Tamil Nadu, India. Learn more about his commitment at ClintonGlobalInitiative.org. Watch

Matt Damon and Water.org Announce a CGI Commitment for Haiti

Matt Damon and Water.org announced at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting a commitment to provide clean water and sanitation to those in need in Haiti. Watch

UNICEF: Queen Rania congratulates young women in Harlem

H.M. Queen Rania visits The Young Womens Leadership School of East Harlem, which serves students from minority and low-income families. It is a pioneer in all-girl public education, and a model of success. Watch

National Kidney Foundation's Celebrity Golf Classic - Funny Men

LookToTheStars.orgs Fatima Fofana speaks to George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer and Tim Allen at the 2009 National Kidney Foundation's Celebrity Golf Classic. Watch

Celeb Teens Party for a Cause at The Bash

LookToTheStars.org’s Michelle Vink joined the teenage founders of “The Bash” at Crustacean in Beverly Hills. See why Nathalia Ramos, Bosilika An, Autumn Chiklis, Marissa Lepor, Mady Feder, Savanah Slotkin, Ellen Basser, Zelda Williams and Hayley Hasselhoff were joined by David Hasselhoff, Michael Chiklis, Steve Aoki, Nikka Costa, Rumer Willis, Anthony Kiedis, Fred Segal and Niki Shadrow for this party supporting Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Watch

National Kidney Foundation's Celebrity Golf Classic Part 4

LookToTheStars.org’s Fatima Fofana speaks to Rodney Peete and Michelle Kwan at the 2009 National Kidney Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic. Watch

National Kidney Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic Part 3

LookToTheStars.org’s Fatima Fofana speaks to Joe Mantegna, Anthony Anderson and Alyssa Milano at the 2009 National Kidney Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic. Watch

National Kidney Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic - Part 2

LookToTheStars.org’s Fatima Fofana talks to Rocky Carroll, Kyle McLaughlin, Flex Alexander, George Lopez and Matthew Settle at the 2009 National Kidney Foundation's Celebrity Golf Classic. Watch

Hollywood Elite Support Noche De Ninos

LookToTheStars.org’s Michelle Vink talks to Alex Menenses, Annette Bening, Warren Beatty, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Monique Coleman, Noah Wyle and Christopher McDonald at the 2009 Noche De Ninos event. Watch

National Kidney Foundation's Celebrity Golf Classic Part 1

LookToTheStars.org’s Fatima Fofana talks to Cedric the Entertainer, Valente Rodriguez, Phil Morris, Aimee Garcia, Susie Castillo, Johnny Gill and Kevin Sorbo at the 2009 National Kidney Foundation's Celebrity Golf Classic. Watch

Jennifer Lopez Walking in March for Babies

Jennifer Lopez kicks off the 2009 March Of Dimes March for Babies. Watch

President Clinton: Earth Day 2009

President Bill Clinton speaks about the projects of the Clinton Climate Initiative that are slowing the threat of climate change worldwide. Watch to see what you can do to help in the global fight! Watch

UNICEF: Joel Madden and Tap Project for safe water

NEW YORK, 19 March 2009 As World Water Day 2009 approaches on 22 March, UNICEF-supported water, sanitation and hygiene projects are working to improve child health and survival in more than 90 developing countries. Globally, an estimated 125 million children under the age of five live in households without access to a safe drinking-water source. Even more people a total of more than 2.5 billion around the world are living without proper sanitation. UNICEF USA Ambassador and rock musician Joel Madden summed up the situation during a trip to one camp where nearly half of the children who die before the age of five are killed by diarrhoeal disease. Watch

David Hasselhoff Supports Teen Philanthropy

David Hasselhoff and the teens behind “The Bash” talk to LookToTheStars.org’s Michelle Vink about how teens can make a difference. Hasselhoff’s 16-year-old daughter, Hayley, is on the board of Teens Helping Teens – a group of teenage girls who have been involved at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles for a while and Hasselhoff himself went with them on Easter Sunday to visit some of the kids. Watch

Opening Night at the Method Fest 2009

Opening night at the Method Fest, audiences watched British star Hugh Dancy take on playing Adam, a main character with Asperberger’s disease in the film entitled Adam. The film has a strong but subtle moral to the story. Asperberger’s disease is often consider a higher function level of autism. Moreover, Adam was not the only film which featured a main character with Autism. If You Could Say it In Words was also screened at the Method Fest. April is National Autism Month. Adam is set to open nationally in theaters in late July. Watch