Anne Archer is the Founder and International Spokesperson of Artists for Human Rights.

An Academy Award Nominated Actress and Human Rights Advocate, Ms. Archer has fought for human rights around the globe for nearly two decades, leading religious tolerance movements in Germany, France, the United States, Spain and Africa. She has, along with other artists, led protest marches in uneven streets, testified to Congress, met quietly and openly with state department officials around the world- always bringing her creativity and passion to the fight.

Artists for Human Rights was formally launched in July 2006, at an event in Hollywood, California, where Ms. Archer articulated its purpose of bringing all races, creeds, nationalities and ethnicities together in the common cause of raising awareness of our human rights, utilizing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the educational document. She also pointed out the artist’s power and responsibility to make a difference in the human rights arena, saying, “Artists have the ability to change viewpoints on a large scale and in a relatively short period of time. Never has that been more needed than today.”

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