Matt Damon, Co-Founder, Innovating to end the water crisis

Matt Damon, Co-Founder, Innovating to end the water crisis Watch


Marc Ching of Sherman Oaks nonprofit Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation got an assist from A-listers in his crusade to stop the slaughter of dogs in Asia. Watch

Leave a Mark with Matt Damon and | Buy a Lady a Drink | Stella Artois

Around the world, women spend millions of hours a day collecting the water they need for their families. Stella Artois has partnered with Matt Damon and to help give them that time back. Together we can be the generation remembered for ending the global water crisis. Watch

Ebola: Waiting

We’ve waited too long. Use your voice to fight Ebola now Watch

The World Must Stand Together

Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Naomi Watts and Christoph Waltz think this matters to people everywhere: a world without nuclear weapons. Watch

Bono, Richard Branson, and Olivia Wilde Joined Matt Damon's Strike!

Millions of celebrities have joined Matt Damon's “Toilet Strike” protesting the lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation for billions. Just today, innovative entrepreneur Richard Branson, rockstar-philanthropist Bono, and actress Olivia Wilde have made their own support public. Watch

The Water Crisis - Matt Damon

Starring Matt Damon! 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation and 780 million lack access to safe water. Watch

The Power of Water - Matt Damon

Each year, on March 22, we join together to highlight the global water crisis and celebrate the progress made to date. Matt Damon invites you to join him. Watch

Jason Bateman, Jessica Biel, and Josh Gad Support the Strike!

More and more celebrities are supporting Matt Damon in his toilet strike protesting the lack of access to safe water and adequate sanitation for billions. Watch

Matt Damon Goes On Strike!

Co-founder of, Matt Damon, held a press conference to make an enormous announcement: until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet, he’s on strike. But not from acting… Join in their mission to solve the water crisis, and support Matt’s strike by telling all of your friends. Watch

Jodie Foster and Matt Damon: It's Personal

This Mother’s Day,, Jodie Foster and Matt Damon challenge you to transform the life of another mom. A simple action on your part has a huge impact. Take the challenge: Honor your mother, honor another. Click here for more info. Watch

Stars Unite for Japan - Part 2 (

Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz and others support Ken Watanabe's Unite for Japan. Watch

Wyclef Jean and Matt Damon In Haiti - Haiti Storm Relief

Haiti has been hit by several storms in a row, killing more than hundreds of people and forcing thousands from their homes. YĆ©le Haiti Foundation is responding by sponsoring food, clothing, blankets and medical supplies in the areas most directly affected. Watch

STILLERSTRONG (part 4): Ben Stiller hires consultants to help make a viral video to Matt Damon

Ben Stiller gets some “help” from a couple of shifty Celebrity Charity Consultants to help make a viral video challenge to Matt Damon to help the build a school in Ceverine, Haiti. See how it turns out… Watch

Feed The Future: Matt Damon U.S Department of State PSA

The US Department of State has produced a video narrated by actor Matt Damon to discuss why food security and combating global hunger is an urgent foreign policy objective, not just for the current administration, but for the entire international community. The Department is actively engaging the public about the implications of global hunger and food insecurity. This video was introduced to help answer these questions in an accessible way not just for the American population, but to be used as a tool around the world. Watch

Jeremy Piven Supports ONEXONE

Jeremy Piven shows his support for ONEXONE after filming the Entourage 2009 final season episode with surprise guests Matt Damon and Lebron James. To learn more visit Watch

CGI 2009: Matt Damon Is Bringing Clean Water to India

Watch Matt Damon talk about how his commitment to action, with PepsiCo Foundation and, is helping sanitation efforts in Tamil Nadu, India. Learn more about his commitment at Watch

Matt Damon and Announce a CGI Commitment for Haiti

Matt Damon and announced at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting a commitment to provide clean water and sanitation to those in need in Haiti. Watch


Matt Damon lets kids around the world send a message. Watch

Matt Damon's "Voices" ad for the One Campaign

The ONE Campaign's new ad “Voices” features Matt Damon with different Americans’ voices – among them Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain and Mayor Bloomberg. Watch