AF Foundation

The AF Foundation, set up by Freddie Flintoff, is a children’s charity raising funds to build, develop and improve Child Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Units throughout the UK.

The Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Departments within UK hospitals are often overlooked when it comes to funding, yet it is these units that are used by virtually every child on their journey to recovery.

Most of these hospitals have highly-skilled, specialised rehabilitation teams but, unfortunately, the existing facilities from which they carry out their work often do not match this expertise. Facilities are tired and outdated and provide a clinical, rather than child-friendly, environment in which to treat their young patients. Equipment is basic and, in some cases, in desperate need of replacement.

The Foundation’s mission is to:

• Redesign and refurbish these units
• Make them warm, child-friendly areas
• Supply state-of-the-art equipment that
benefits both children and staff
• Maintain these units once they are set up

They are working closely with specialised rehabilitation teams, consultants and patients to create and refine a blueprint AF Foundation Child Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy Unit.

This blueprint will be replicated and implemented throughout children’s hospitals all over the UK.


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