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Camp Hale is owned and operated by the United South End Settlements ( U.S.E.S. ), an organization that provides comprehensive programs that address the needs of individuals and families in the Boston area.

Camp Hale, located in the mountains of New Hampshire on beautiful Squam Lake, has provided residential camping experiences for lower-income boys from the South End and Lower Roxbury since 1900.

The Camp Hale environment fosters individual development through outdoor programs and education. As they have for over 100 years, young boys at Camp Hale enjoy swimming and nature study along with overnight canoeing and hiking trips that offer opportunities for learning and team building. At Camp Hale, young boys from the inner city develop an enhanced sense of well-being, improved social skills, and increased awareness of their personal potential that will stay with them long into the future. Every summer, about 120 young boys participate in Camp Hale.

The goal of Camp Hale is for each boy to leave Camp with an enhanced sense of well being, improved social skills and awareness of personal potential. These benefits stay with children well into the future and yield dividends in other endeavors such as school, work, sports, conflict resolution skills and interpersonal relations.


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