COPE Foundation, Inc.

“We are members of a club no one wants to join.” That is how bereaved parents describe themselves. During the worst time in their lives, COPE helps families. COPE Foundation, Inc. is a grief and healing organization helping parents and families living with the loss of a child. Started by bereaved parents, COPE now offers professionally led support groups, a grief support phone line, and monthly healing workshops include yoga, meditation, Reiki, art, movement, music, writing and journaling. Founded in 1999, COPE has grown to support children and teens who have lost a
loved one, particularly through COPE Camp Erin® NYC, a free summer weekend experience to support kids and parents who are grieving.
They have enhanced their bereavement services to youth and professionals in lowresourced communities. Their train-the-trainer model and child and youth focused coping skills groups provide needed care to families living in high risk neighborhoods. Traumatic and complicated grief takes a physical and emotional toll on survivors. Their COPE families learn they are not alone and gain tools that incorporate healthy coping mechanisms into their bereavement process. Parents and children learn they can continue to grow and heal in spite of devastating losses.

How you can help

• Volunteer – Volunteers impact every program at COPE, year round. Opportunities are available for adults, teens, and families.

• Invest – Your financial donation supports the COPE mission to help parents and families living with the loss of a child.

• Spread the word – Through social media, house parties, crowdfunding, and many other creative methods, you can help them by being a COPE ambassador and sharing their work widely and broadly.

• Join their Board – A passionate, diverse and committed Board of Directors leads COPE. Their board provides oversight for our diverse programs and ensures good governance and accountability to their donors and investors.


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