Health Equity Initiative

Health Equity Initiative (HEI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building community, capacity and communication resources for health equity. Health Equity Initiative works to encourage the development of a social movement in support of health equity while also building capacity of other organizations and helping establish a roadmap towards progress.

How you can help

  • SUPPORT THEIR WORK BY MAKING A CONTRIBUTION. Dreaming about health equity is not enough to improve the quality of life of underserved and minority populations. Your contribution can touch the health and lives of communities both in the US and globally by supporting their efforts to develop a systematic approach to addressing health equity!
  • SHARE YOUR IDEAS ON THEIR HEALTH EQUITY EXCHANGE, an online forum to involve US communities and organizations that work with them, in discussing ways to improve health equity. Let them know what health equity means to you, your family, your peers, and your community and – if you had it your way – what top 3 priorities should be addressed in your community (or the community you serve) to support progress toward improved health outcomes (United States only)
  • INVITE OTHERS TO PARTICIPATE – Get 3 people to comment on the Exchange


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